Het wetenschappelijke programma dat jou in je doelen laat slagen

Learn the fundamentals of a balanced lifestyle
and become a more confident athlete in five weeks






You have to understand the fundamentals of nutrition
if you want to excel both in and outside the gym

But what's true and what (really) works?
  • Learn to fuel your performance

  • understand when to eat what

  • create your own meal strategy

  • Performance vs Health

  • let calories work for you

  • Learn to evaluate diets

This programme covers everything you need to achieve your goals
find a more balanced eating pattern which helps you stand out in all aspects of life
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The programme
Time and dates, Q2 2022

Feb 8th


Feb 15th

Feb 22nd

Feb 27/28th

jan 30th






meet your coach

Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach 

Kenneth Plat helps people become the athlete they wish they were. He works both as a CrossFit and lifestyle coach next to his job at the University of Groningen. Kenneth is passionate about food, but even more passionate about balance in life.


"Life is a constant battle of order and chaos. Helping people become resilient to their environment (and themselves) is a goal worth fighting for. Witnessing my coachees reaching their lifestyle goals and crushing their PRs is absolutely amazing." 

Kenneth is calculated, well versed in nutrition and as a University teacher he knows how to create a safe environment where you can focus on your learning experience. 



As a chef, I'm consistently busy with food. Funnily enough, there was still much to learn! This programme helped me create a plan towards a more balanced life.


Apart from the nutritional side, the course also inspired me to improve other parts of my life/routine, and gave me the confidence to do so.

Roos, 29

I learned a lot about the importance of the different aspects within nutrition. For example, in the past I spent wayyy to much of my attention on things that, in the end, don’t have that much impact at all.

Nutrition Programme

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This science-based course will help you comprehend the fundamentals of nutrition. You'll be part of five highly interactive workshops in which you cover theory and practical exercises. As a bonus, you get a free coaching call in which you can really zoom in on your personal situation and challenges. 


limited seats available

next run €297,-


How do you deal with Covid-19 Measures?

The live sessions will become virtual if government measures make us. This won't impact the learning journey, but I do value seeing my coachees in person.

I can't make one of the dates, can I skip a session?

It's sad, but not a problem! I make learning highlights of each week's session and create recordings of our workshops.

I'm still unsure if this is for me, how do I know?

Best to shoot me a message. Feel free to reach out and get in touch by phone or send a message to



Participant group WhatsApp

5 Interactive group sessions

Printables & Podcasts of each session

1 Free private coaching session ( value €75,-)

Free e-book ( Coming soon)

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