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Nutrition programme


The topics per meeting






Fundamentals 1

@UnSc, 21-Jan, 14:00-16:00

Fundamentals 2

Online, 1-Feb, 19:30-21:00


@UnSc, 18-Feb, 14:00-16:00

Online, 1-March, 19:30-21:00


@UnSc, 11-March, 14:00-16:00

Meeting 1: Fundamentals, part 1

Caloric balance, diversity and macro nutrients 

The first session is on location on a Saturday. After we have met and got to know each other I will tell you what to expect in the coming weeks. Then, we'll start the discussion with the scientific principles of a healthy diet. The lecture will mainly be about caloric balance, the value of a diverse diet and macronutrients. Questions that you can answer at the and include "what is caloric balance?", "how do I gain weight responsibly (muscle mass) and how do I lose weight responsibly (fat mass)?" and "what role do carbohydrates, fats and proteins play in a healthy diet?".

Meeting 2: Fundamentals, part 2

Protein needs, timing and alcohol 

The second session. You can follow this session online on a weekday evening. By doing so we will minimise the impact of the program on your already busy life. We'll continue our discussion and expand on the macronutrients, especially protein. We'll discuss how they help us achieve our goals. After this meeting, you will know how many calories you should eat, how much protein, how much fat and most importantly: how much you should care about it. Also, we talk about the subject meal timing, as well as, what "empty" calories are and we will conclude with alcohol (a discussion about it ;)). Finally, homework for session 3: a food diary.

Meeting 3: Fundamentals, part 3

Hydration, supplements and discuss food diaries

The third meeting is again on location. After discussing the topic hydration and the most common supplements, we move on to the homework assignment. We'll use the knowledge gained to evaluate ourselves. In addition, we look at the most well-known and common diets and find out how and why they would work. After this meeting you will be fully able to develop your own diet based on your wishes and preferences.

Meeting 4: Sleep

Zzz . . .

This online session is all about sleep. First of all, we discuss how our ideas about sleep have changed over time. Then, we will talk about the two mechanisms that together regulate your sleep and what exactly happens during your night's sleep. You will learn why sleep is so crucial for your development, both physically and mentally, and how you can improve your sleep with perhaps small changes. In addition, we are talking about the effect of alcohol and caffeine on sleep. Knowledge = power!

Meeting 5: Habits

Subconscious and conscious behavior

The last meeting on location. Time to evaluate what has been learned. Finally, we'll discuss how our behaviour is fundamentally formed. We focus on the ideas of Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman. He describes in his book "Thinking fast and slow" that by far most of our behaviour is subconscious. This is important to realise since desired behavioural change often lies in that subconscious part. How do we consciously change something that happens suconsciously?

Nutrition programme

After completion of this scientific programme you will possess the fundamental knowledge when it comes to developing your own healthy diet. You will participate in five interactive sessions covering both theory and practice. In addition, you will get a 1-1 coach session in which we can zoom in on what is personally difficult for you or create a plan together that sets you up for the future. 

€ 347,-    
five interactive sessions
a 1-1 coaching session (€75,- ex btw)
limited spots available
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