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Meet your coach

I was born in Friesland. My two younger brothers and I grew up in a house next to our parents' business. Learning about entrepreneurship and experiencing the responsibilities it entails has been part of my life from a young age.

During my childhood, I was an avid soccer player and performed decently in school. After completing high school, I chose to pursue a degree in Econometrics in Groningen. Throughout my academic journey, I actively participated as an assistant in various courses, and it felt like a natural path to follow. Following the successful establishment of several 'crash courses' during my student years, I embarked on a fulfilling career as a university lecturer. While I've delivered larger lectures to audiences with over 100 students, I came to realize that my true strength lies in one-on-one interactions and smaller tutorial groups. Inspiring and elucidating the significance of certain concepts is something that truly energizes me.


During my academic journey, I found myself increasingly drawn to the realms of sports and health. Alongside my other commitments, I embarked on a course of study in nutrition and dietetics. My goal was to deepen my knowledge, which until then had been primarily hands-on. It was in Utrecht, my new home at the time, that I discovered UnScared CrossFit. Initially, I joined as a participant, but it wasn't long before I became a part-time coach. The way they approached health, both physical and mental, with such a positive outlook was truly remarkable.

As time passed, I continued to develop and pursued further education, eventually arriving at where I stand today. I found such joy in this journey that I made the decision to reduce my commitments at the university. In 2019, I established 'project i.' Why that name? Because I firmly believe that each person should consider themselves the most vital project in their own life, hence the name 'project i.' It may sound self-centered, but I see it differently. Think of the safety instructions on an airplane: secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Life operates similarly. If you aspire to be a better partner, excel in your career, make greater strides in sports, exhibit more patience with your children, it all commences with personal growth. Work on yourself first, both physically and mentally. You possess a degree of control over your own being, and realizing this fact is incredibly empowering.

In recent years, my coaching style has attracted individuals through referrals. I don't shy away from candidness; I provide unvarnished feedback, pose thought-provoking questions, and offer guidance and direction when necessary. I facilitate a platform for you to share your thoughts and emotions, helping you gain insight into your inner world.

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