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Summer is coming

Let's get ready for the summer of 2024!


Well, to answer that I need to share with you my annual health and fitness journey. Each year, from November through February, I embrace a slight calorie surplus for several key reasons:

  • This time is dedicated to building strength and muscle. I want to ensure I have ample energy for intensive workouts and effective muscle recovery;

  • During the festive season, including holidays like Sinterklaas and Christmas, I choose not to focus on calories;

  • Winter is a season where we're less concerned about beach-ready bodies, allowing me to ease up on appearance-focused goals.

As January ends, I feel the urge to reclaim my fitness vibe. The days getting longer again motivate me to change my patterns a bit. Springtime and summer are upon us. I then pivot towards weight loss, altering my diet to create a calorie deficit and I adapt my training accordingly. This phase, lasting about two months, aims for a 3-4 kg weight loss. If all goes well, I end up feeling confident and energized (and ready to hit the beach again!).

I'm sharing this because sticking to this routine isn't always straightforward. Challenges like work stress, preparation lapses, occasional laziness, social pressures, and routine monotony can derail us. Perhaps you've faced similar issues. Or maybe you're uncertain where to start. In that case, I'm here to help you out.

I've noticed that maintaining my habits becomes easier when I have someone to share the journey with. Having a friend or colleague who holds you accountable (and vice versa) can be incredibly motivating. That's what I hope to foster here. I'll host a lecture on February 17th from 14:00-17:30 to get us started. Topics of the lecture will include managing your calories, eating for muscle preservation, setting realistic weight loss targets, and tailoring your training. We'll set personal goals and form support groups for an 8-week journey. In that period I'll be there to guide, answer questions, and offer support.

Surfing at Sunset

The building blocks


Join me and the other participants in an 8 week program!

  • Live masterclass on the 17th of February at UnScared

  • Personal goal setting

  • Small support groups

  • Private WhatsApp community for tough times

  • Investment: 99,- (excl VAT)

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